Halloween Predictions


As Halloween is around the corner, I have predictions for next couple of days:

All costumes to come out, (finally) Burning Man boxes to open, panic and/or indecisiveness over costume ideas, significant change in what you search on Google, spike in Pinterest usage, weird (expedited) Amazon orders, seeing every item (including home furniture) as a potential costume idea, “What am I going to be” followed by the existentialist “What am I?” question, high levels of text messaging, frustration over party schedules, long lines, lost & found friends, pumpkins, candies, candles, frogs, vampires, witches, bitches, sultans, robots, sausages, glitter, facepaint, masks..  Inevitable “what are you?” followed by “what do they look like post-Halloween” -inner question mark-

Despite all the predictability, Halloween is still exciting! Mainly because it forces creativity out, disrupts the daily routine. As a result it makes me feel good AF before, during and/or after!

Happy Halloween





Dear Feelin Good AF Reader,

First things first, why I’m having this blog? Am I an expert in feeling good?

NO! I’m not an expert in feeling good and I’m also not an expert in many things but I like to explore things. My latest explorations are –selfishly– around what makes me feel good.. Although it took me a while to discover exacts (and still discovering), one thing that stood out for me is basic principles of feeling good. For me,  regardless of what I do feeling good requires small but frequent doses of joy with a prerequisite of healthy body and it’s not an one time mission , it’s more like a skill that you learn and get better at over the time.

On this blog, you are -potentially- witnessing my attempt to get better at a skill. Hope I don’t suck but even if I do, you have no right to complain because I’m just learning as everyone else!

Anyways, what’s in here for you? Potentially short-cut information about life and health but honestly time will show what exactly my blog will offer because I won’t resist if life takes me to different directions

Hope I see you soon and please be good readers: Don’t complain, be on time and don’t hold me responsible for anything.